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How To Make A Christmas Table Centerpiece

How to Make a Christmas Table Centerpiece

If you've always wanted one of those beautiful table centerpieces that look like miniature Christmas trees but didn't want to shell out the $40 they cost, they're quite easy to make and a fun project to do with children.
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How To Install Overhead Garage Storage

By design, garages are built for storage. Sturdy, well-designed, overhead storage systems offer the opportunity to take advantage of the vertical space in your garage and keep your garage floor free of clutter. In this video, we'll install one such overhead storage system: TUFFRAX.
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How to Fell a Tree

Whether it’s to clear land, stock up on firewood or prevent future damage to a home or property, felling a tree can be a fun, challenging outdoor project.
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Replacing old wooden windows

Hello.. I have a pair of windows which needs to be replaced soon and I am confused over whether to go with wood or vinyl replacement windows. I currently…

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Singing Pipes

What can I do about singing pipes? When I turn off the spigot the chorus begins screeching. Is there a DIY fix?

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Climate Change Flood

5 Ways to Prepare for Climate Change

Is your home designed for the serious weather changes of a changing climate? Follow these tips to ensure that you’re prepared.

Master Bath Gal

Dream Master Bathrooms

No matter your budget, these images can inspire your color scheme, positioning of fixtures and the quality and style of materials used.

Prepare4winter Gal

8 Ways to Prepare for Winter

Proper preparation for the winter season promises a big return in money saved and headaches prevented.