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Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters

Gutters are the unsung heroes of a home's exterior. When constructed from copper, this oft-overlooked detail becomes more than a rainy day standout.
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01Dec 17
Hazards In The Home

Hazards in the Home

Home may be where the heart is, but it is also - unfortunately - where a whole host of hazards are. We have come a long way over the years,…

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Learn how to do just about anything from repairing a squeaky door to installing wallboard or replacing a toilet with step-by-step videos, materials lists, and write-ups to walk you through.

How to Trim a Tree

Whether cutting storm-damaged branches and dead limbs, regulating growth or shaping a tree for aesthetic purposes, regular trimming is important to promoting a healthy, good-looking tree.
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How To Install Overhead Garage Storage

By design, garages are built for storage. Sturdy, well-designed, overhead storage systems offer the opportunity to take advantage of the vertical space in your garage and keep your garage floor free of clutter. In this video, we'll install one such overhead storage system: TUFFRAX.
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Kitchen redesigning

In the past, the kitchen was simply a place to prepare food. However, modern home structures have made the kitchen the nerve center and cornerstone of the domicile. So if…

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Electrical panel upgrade

If you have ever thought of electrical panel upgrade as a DIY project, then my suggestion would be to rethink about it. Amateur or DIY wiring is not only dangerous…

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Cleaning Carpet

Last month, I was a little bit busy with work schedule. I was not able to clean the house frequently. Usually, I vacuum twice in a week to remove the…

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Climate Change Flood

5 Ways to Prepare for Climate Change

Is your home designed for the serious weather changes of a changing climate? Follow these tips to ensure that you’re prepared.

Master Bath Gal

Dream Master Bathrooms

No matter your budget, these images can inspire your color scheme, positioning of fixtures and the quality and style of materials used.

Wooden Deck

Decks and Decking Materials

Looking for inspiration? Check out this stunning array of deck, docks and decking materials.